Drive Electric Week

11 September 2018

The roads are feeling electric these days!

Drive Electric Week

On Monday, Septmeber 10th,  Cloud County Community College hosted its first ever "drive electric week". This event was sponsored by solar energy instructor Andrew Clark. Drive Electric Week was held in parking lot #2 by the flag pole here on campus. The even lasted nearly eight hours as students, faculty, staff, and community were invited to come and learn more about electric automobilies. 

Clark was able to bring in two Tesla models: the model X, and the model S. He also brough in brand new Nissan Leaf and was generous enough to use his own electric car, the Kia Soul. That way people could have a variety of electric car options to learn from and test out.

This event offered test rides in all the vehicles listed, and information about the Leaf, and both Tesla’s.

I, myself, ended up taking a test ride in the Nissan Leaf and it was surprisingly quiet. I couldn't tell the vehicle was on until I put it into drive.

In an Interview I asked Clark about his predictions of the future of electric cars. Clark believes a big boom in people purchasing electric cars is about to happen. By the year 2020 there will be more than 300 models of electric cars on the market. In closing of this interview I asked Clark the price range of the electric cars, and how far off are they from a normal gas powered car. He said “ they are about par, with the options you get they run about equal to a gas vehicle.” If you have any questions about the solar program or electric cars you can contact Andrew Clark at