Safe Spring Break Bash Tonight

14 March 2017
Layton Berggren

What are you doing tonight?

Safe Spring Break Bash

On March 14th, at 7pm SAB is hosting a Safe Spring Break Bash in Thunder Heights. Each floor will have an event to deal with being safe for spring break. There is a moral for each floor for a safe spring break.

1st Floor: Alcohol Safety

  • Water Pong

  • Games

  • Making Non-Alcoholic drinks

  • Give out statistics of how dangerous alcohol is

The moral for 1st floor is don’t let strangers mix your drinks.

2nd Floor: Smart Decisions

  • Watching your Financial Situations

  • Staying Hydrated with water

  • Using sunscreen

  • How to be safe and being prepared for spring break

3rd Floor: Safe Sex

Third Floor will be more a serious floor for the event.

  • Discussing safe sex

  • diesases , infuctions

  • Condoms

  • Sexual assaults

  • They will talk about what to do in situations

  • Friends stay together

  • How to avoid situations in everyday life.

SAB will have pizza there too, they are ordering 15 pizzas. There is a hawaiian theme to the Safe Spring Break Bash. SAB Members will be dressed up, so if you have any questions throughout you can contact them or find Shane Britt.