Midterms Are Approaching

02 March 2017
Madison Troshynski

Q: "How could we already be halfway through the semester?" A; Time flies when you're working hard!


Midterms are coming up and will be here before you know it. I know it’s hard to focus on getting good grades when Spring Break is only two weeks away, but it’s important to study and try your best when the tests and papers begin flooding your brain. Here are some tips to ace those midterms:

  1.       Don’t wait to start studying. Most likely, instructors are getting out study guides or preparing you for what the next test will bring. Why wait? Create a study plan and assign one class per day of the week to study for. Use that time to prepare what you will go over so when Midterm Week rolls around you’re not cramming things together when you could be using that time to study. Besides, studies show the "cramming" method of study is ineffective.
  2.       Pick a good study spot. Everyone studies in different ways. Maybe you like music or a TV show playing in the background. Maybe curling up in your bed with your laptop is perfect. Whatever it is- find your study spot and be sure not to get distracted and to focus on those studies. The Library and the SSC have plenty of room and resources to help you prep for tests or papers that may be due.
  3.       Turn off those electronics! Putting down the phones and straying away from those social media accounts may be hard, but it will be there when you finish studying. Your grades will thank you later! If it's difficult to study without checking social media - create a study date with friends and make a "no phone" rule. That way you're all together (and not wondering what they're all doing) and you hold each other accountable.
  4.       Eat Healthy! Even though it’s easy to snack on Pop Tarts and Oreos when studying, try to eat healthier snacks such as apples or granola bars. Also don’t skip meals! It’s important for your brain and body to get good nutrition and skipping meals is not going to keep you healthy.
  5.       Ask Questions! Meeting with your instructor early about any questions you may have about the class or a certain assignment or paper will help you. Each instructor has their office hours posted on their office doors so check in with them or shoot them and email with any specific questions you may have. This will help you study for the correct things instead of wasting your time focusing on irrelevant information.
  6.       Take Breaks. It’s okay to take 10-15 minutes to stretch and get some fresh air. After putting in several hours of hard and steady work you’ll deserve a break.
  7.       SLEEP! Finally, one of the most important things to do during midterm week is sleep. Giving your mind and body time to rest and relax before a big exam is important. Getting plenty of sleep is vital for you to focus and function properly. Six to eight hours is approximately how much sleep you should get the night before a big test.

By following these seven tips you should be able to ace those midterms and kick off Spring Break by having a good time. Knowing you’ve got good grades will make it easy to relax and stress less. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!