RA's Trying New Activities

22 February 2017
Andie Jackson

Cafe events add new element to RA schedule

It isn’t a secret that weekly events have been going on in the Cafeteria as of lately. Why are they going on? The Resident Assistants (RA's) have made a compromise that instead of doing building events for the first few months; they would do weekly interactive Caf activities. RA's have had issues in the past with attendance of floor and building events. With a limited budget, weather, and scheduling conflicts it was easy to see why the building event attendance was limited. However, by pooling the budget of several RA's and moving events from the buildings to the Cafe attendance has increased. Prizes and fun activities such as Bingo, Family Feud, and Karaoke have increased the interaction between social groups as overall attendance of events.

 With a few more events happening, the RA's have determined that this was an absolute success. Attendance of the events has lifted spirits, and with the promise of useful prizes, the students have loved it. Although this won’t last more than a few weeks, the good experience of students reflects positively on Cloud and the RAs.