KVCO Gets Ready For KAB Awards

13 February 2017
Madison Troshynski

The student-run station is getting entries ready for the Kansas Association of Broadcasters' Student Radio Awards

KAB Awards

In the past few months KVCO members have been working hard at gathering and recording things to submit to Kansas Association of Broadcasters to see if they can win some radio awards. The past two weeks have been crucial and many DJ’s have been putting in several extra hours in the recording room to make sure everything is edited and sounds good to submit. Almost every DJ at KVCO has something submitted and we are all excited to see if we will win some awards.

KAB Awards have several different categories for entrees. KVCO has 25 entrees and we’re hoping to come home with some awards. KVCO is competing not only against other community college radio stations in the state of Kansas, but also all the major universities throughout the state. KVCO has walked away with an award every year for the past eight years. This year KVCO is hoping to add more awards to the collection. Winners are announced in April where there will be a convention for all KAB Awards which will take place in Topeka this year. We’re excited to see how our luck plays out and we hope to bring home some good awards!