Cold & Flu Season is Here

09 February 2017
Andie Jackson

Here are some tips to avoid picking up germs, or what you should do if you have already caught the bug

It’s cold and flu season. Just the other day, I walked by the Physician Assistant's Office and three sick kids were waiting to see her. Reports of fatigue and mucus build-up have been going around. The temperatures are unpredictable lately; dropping down and soaring to spring-like weather near daily. Make sure to bundle up and stay warm. Colds and other sicknesses can prevent class attendance as well as participation in other campus activities. Preventing the cold and flu and stopping it in its tracks is the best way to not get behind with school and miss out on activities.

To prevent a cold:

  •          Stay bundled up. Being warm in this cold weather helps your body fight off the cold.
  •          Wash your hands often. Germs are spread frequently through hand-to-hand contact.  Washing with antibacterial soap often can limit this germ spreading.
  •          Drink lots of water. Fluids do wonders for the body. Stay hydrated and rested. Sleeping up to eight hours a night can do wonders for your immune system.

When you feel symptoms of the cold or flu:

  •          Drink fruit juice and water. Juices can help with the healing process because of their vitamins and antioxidants.
  •          Take hot showers. Hot showers can clear your lungs and nasal passages.
  •          Get lots of rest. Rest will help your body fight off anything nasty.
  •          See the P.A. at the College Clinic. She can give you amazing advice and maybe prescribe something to help you feel better.

The Campus Clinic hours are:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Walk on in. Ask questions and stay healthy.