New Year - New You

23 January 2017
Andie Jackson

Welcome back - the possibilities are endless!

School is back. With this new year comes: a new President, New Year’s resolutions, new friends, and new classes. We’re so excited that everyone is here. This year SAB is doing a lot of fun campus activities to keep students busy day and night. RAs are doing weekly dinner activities in the cafe to make dinner feel special. The Theatre Department is going to put on a musical (auditions are next Monday and Tuesday).  The Cloud County Choirs are developing a "Memes, Musicals, and Movies" concert concept that shouldn't be missed. KVCO is also still offering radio show slots that are open for anyone who would like to learn and experience radio.

With this new year come new responsibilities, as well. Remember to keep up with classes and use resources like the library, the SSC, Advisement Center, and teacher office hours. Keep on top of homework and online assignments, keep a planner, and work on time management.

KVCO wishes you the best in the new semester! Remember to work hard and stay "Cloud Proud"!