Talent Show This Thursday

29 November 2016
Brianna Niehues

It's not too late to sign up and show off your hidden talents

CCCC Talent Show


Attention all Cloud County Community College students! If you have a talent and want to show it off, or want the chance to win scholarship money, here is your opportunity! On December 1st at 7pm, Cloud County Community College will be hosting its first talent show located in Cook Theatre. The school will be rewarding the first, second and third place winners with scholarships ranging from $100-$500 in prize money. The sign-up sheet is in Shane Britt's, President of Student Activities, office located in the Student Union.

In the past, the school has put on a little different activity called, “The Voice”. The Voice was inspired by the famous television show that starts out by doing blind auditions and then the coaches pick singers to be on their teams. The winner of the actual "Voice" is rewarded with big money and a recording contract. This year, not enough people signed up for "The Voice" so it was cancelled. Instead of having to deal with a bunch of angry students, Student Activities Board decided to broaden the opportunity and turn "The Voice" into a talent show. Students will be able to share any talent they have and the possibilities will no longer be limited to just singers.

Heather Gennette, former "Voice" coach at CCCC, and present talent show judge, states, “I am excited to see something other than singing. I used to dance, so I am hoping I will see some dancers. I am most excited about the variety of talent I will be seeing.”  Along with seeing more talent, Gennette, as well as the other judges, won’t have to sweet talk the students anymore to try and get them on their teams, because of this judging will be less stressful on their part. “I am just happy the stressful part is gone for me and the contestants will be the ones stressed”, says Gennette.  

It will also be less time intensive for participants. Justin Watkins, a talent show contestant, mentions that he is also happy that they’ve decided to do a talent show instead of "The Voice" because he’s wanted to participate in the years past but he can’t sing so that just left him in the audience watching.

“Students have come up to me in the past and told me that they have other talents they would like to share but they don’t have a source to do it, so I think the participation in the talent show will be very good”, says Gennette. She believes that is it a great way to interact with the students and she loves seeing their talents outside of her office-setting.

The talent show will be more entertaining to the fans, as well. Watkins mentions, “I am playing the drums and I really believe that I can win because people love entertainment and I am here to entertain them.People are going to really like the song that I am playing. It is a crowd favorite”, mentions Watkins. Watkins will be playing "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers on his drums and hoping to win over the judges, as well as the crowd.

Obviously this year is going to be different than the past and as we can tell, people are excited about the variety of talents that can be shared. Cloud County Community College is hoping for the best outcome possible. So go sign up and show off that talent you’ve been dying to share! You just might be one of the big money winners!