Life After Cloud

03 November 2016
Andie Jackson

It's never to late to start planning ahead

Choosing a College after Cloud

College is a unique time for all involved. For most, it’s the first time you are on your own. Cloud County community College is a great place to start, but most students will either graduate and/or transfer  to another college after a couple of semesters.

            When looking for a new college after cloud there are a few things a student should look for:

  •          Cost. A perspective student at any university should look at cost of a new college. Make sure you can afford your college. Student debt is a real thing, and eventually a student will have to             pay debt back. Make sure your college is affordable.
  •          Graduation rate. How many students who enroll graduate? This is an indicator of the student success rate. This is important because you may be part of that statistic if you attend.
  •          Majors. Easy, make sure the college you’re interested in has your major. If they don't - what's the point of attending?
  •          Classes and programs.  When looking at colleges, a student should look and see if their extracurricular programs are available. Classes go along with that, classes should be interesting              and passable. There are several websites that rate teachers and classes. Talk to teachers and program directors to get a good idea about the classes and programs.
  •          Scheduling and class size. When making a new college schedule, a student needs to be able to take the required classes and those required classes shouldn’t be conflicting with otherr              required classes. Make sure your schedule isn’t too packed so there isn’t work overload.  Class size is also important. You want to be a name not a number. Smaller class sizes give more             opportunities to ask questions and give you a better understanding. Your teachers are able to know you and your academic needs.
  •          Job placement rates. How many people in your major have graduated and gained a job in their desired field? It’s important to continue that you know mow many people have found a job in          their field.
  •          Crime statistics. Safety is number one. How safe is campus? Colleges should have these statistics readily available, but if they do not, a quick Google search can pull up the statistics in a             jiffy.
  •          Overall happiness. A college should feel like home. When a college is a right fit, you will know. Because you have to spend so much time on campus, somewhere that feels right ise                      extremely important.

No matter where you end up after Cloud, make sure you feel just as home as you do here. Cloud County Community College is a great place to start off. And your time here will not be forgotten. Remember, “Going anywhere starts here,” so wherever you end up after your time here is always valuable.