Making a Difference One Table at a Time

20 October 2016
Andie Jackson


Sophomore Galen Allen is taking the term “table” to a new level here at Cloud County Community College. Allen, an RA, started meeting with a few residents and friends at the table in front of his building to listen to music and just hang out. It soon bloomed into something incredible when the hashtag “#thetable” started trending on social media around the college. Allen’s table since then has been a place where everyone is welcome to come and just be themselves.

“The Table is a place where I, personally go to relieve stress or just sit and think,” says Allen. The table started small but soon after, Allen found himself sitting with a good number of fellow Cloud students. “More and more people started coming. Now I have a group of regulars.”

Allen says that anyone can come in and join the fun. When asked why he started “#thetable” Allen replied, “I realized people could use something like this as a resource at the college.” Allen is a genuine person with ambitions to include everyone. "The Table" is just one example of how inclusive Cloud students can be. Whether it’s just sitting and hanging out, listening to music, eating pizza, or working on homework “#thetable” is a good place for Cloud students to relax and interact with one another. 

“Anyone can come. It’s for people that might not have all the friends in the world, and maybe just need a place to fit in..." says Allen.

Hope to see you at #TheTable

Photo courtesy of the Marketing Department