Why I Chose Cloud

17 October 2016
Brianna Niehues

Part of a series of JN101 article assignments

Small Town to Small Town

I am sure so many of the students here at Cloud County Community College have been asked once or twice why they chose this school. Most of their answers probably include sports, money, cost, or that they grew up near the area. Sure, it is a great school for all of those things, but they are not the main reason I chose this school.

I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere and drove 15 minutes to school every day. The town that I went to school in has a population of 2,000 people. My graduating class had 64 people. So I haven’t ever been around a lot of people, and I like it that way. The small community that Cloud County Community College is located in was a perfect fit for me.  

Living in a small community comes with many rewards. One of those being, support from EVERYONE! Word gets around so fast in a small town, which is how I started my successful business at the age of 17. I started taking pictures in the first grade when I started the 4-H photography project. When I went to high school, friends and family started paying me to take their photos. Before I knew it I was doing three sessions a day and getting paid to do what I love! I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t grown up in a small community where everyone wants to help everyone. I started working for a very popular photographer in the area and she wanted to teach me everything she knew. I don’t think you could find that huge of an opportunity in a big city very easily.

Another reason I believe Cloud County Community College is a good fit for me is because I feel safe here. I know almost everybody on campus and we are only 8 weeks into classes. There are familiar faces everywhere. I have always lived in a community where I felt comfortable leaving my car running while I ran into the grocery store to grab a pop. The crime level is so low in small communities and it is a much safer place to be raised and to raise a family.

For most people, college is a pretty scary thing. I know it was for me! I have lived in the same house and was around the same people my whole life. When I came to Cloud County Community College, everyone was SO friendly. Everyone wants to be your friend and hear your story. That’s how I knew this was the perfect place for me to gain more education regarding my personal hobbies and interests.

For those of you who have never lived in a small town, you are in for a real treat. Small towns are full of opportunities and possibilities. You are going to love it here. This article gives a great representation of why living in a small community will benefit you and your future.