Midterm Madness

12 October 2016
Madison Troshynski

How to set yourself up to succeed this week

Midterm Week

As many of you know, its midterm week here at Cloud County Community College! It’s unbelievable that we’re already hallway through first semester. For some people it may be a very stressful time. Here are some tips to stay calm and ace those midterms:

  •          Prepare ahead of time. Make sure you’re looking over those notes that you’ve taken all semester long. Ask teachers what you can do to make sure you know all the information you need to          and to be prepared for test day.
  •          Get a good night's rest. Sleep is very important for your performance and it’s a good idea to make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before a big test.
  •          Eat a good breakfast the day of the test. It’ll make you feel good and you won’t be worried about food when you’re taking that test.
  •          Prior to the test, review things one last time about 5 minutes before the class period starts.
  •          Show up to class a little early, this way if you have questions you can always ask your instructor before he or she hands out the test.
  •          During your test, read questions carefully and if you don’t know something, skip it and come back. Information throughout the test may give you a better idea of how to answer certain          questions.

Hopefully this few tips can help you this week and all other times when taking a test! Best of Luck!