Macbeth Makeover

16 September 2016
Andie Jackson

Come witness Shakespeare unlike you've seen him before

The Cloud County Community College theater department is trying something new. Cloud's Theater Department, under the direction of Stephanie Tschetter, will be performing the Shakespeare classic, Macbeth.  The show, however, is a little different from the version you may be used to. This show will include live music; gender swapped actors, and an unusual setting.

In Shakespeare’s day, a play would be presented with several songs preformed live before the show. To keep up with this tradition, Tschetter will be adding live music that goes along with the show. These songs include modern songs and are preformed and directed by students here at Cloud. 

Sophomore Andie Jackson is rewriting and directing the live music. Jackson states, “It has been a challenge to write songs in an a capella form and then teach these songs to other students whoi do not read music.” Jackson believes the music rehearsals are going well. In fact, the cast learned a song in it’s entirety just last night.

In traditional Shakespeare plays, a male would play every role. Going along those lines, Tschetter has decided that the best person for the part will play the part - regardless of gender. Meaning, if a female is best suited for a part traditionally played by a man, then she will play said part, and vise versa.

“It’s easy to justify, because in Shakespeare’s day all of the roles were done by men,” Tschetter states during an interview. As an example, sophomore Max Blaske will be playing a witch (a traditional female role), and Sophomore Ilyanna Depierro will be playing Ross (a traditional male role).

Shakespeare shows are most generally thought to be universal. Each show transcends time and place, and often times a show can be presented in any setting.  For instance, Macbeth as presented by Cloud's Theater Department will be set during the Vietnam War. Characters and set will be presented accordingly.  Along with that, this show will be traveling around Kansas to different schools. Because of this, the set itself is portable and diverse. Freshmen Haley Peaser is designing and building the set for Macbeth.

Macbeth, because it is traveling, has  a few oddities. These oddities including doubling of roles for show convenience. Macbeth will be played by both Raven Tanner and Austin Naramore.

Although the show is traveling, there will be local Concordia showings for students and community members. These showings will take place in Cook Theater at 7:00pm on November 3,4,5, and 2:00pm on November 6. Tickets are free for students and $5 for non students. We hope to see you there!