Audio Yearbook Class of 2016

13 May 2016
Audio Yearbook Class of 2016

KVCO compiled memories from the graduating class

As the school year comes to an end, everyone begins to reminisce on the memories they have made. In today’s society, that usually means posting a heartfelt Facebook status or a collage on Instagram with a cheesy quote. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of emotional posting, but this year I’m doing it a little differently.

I graduated from Cloud County Community College last year, and since then I have been working at the college radio station, KVCO. This year has been full of memorable moments. From having student win awards at KAB to other students getting to go to Kauffman Stadium for a sports seminar to just the everyday fun that happens in the radio station. Something that KVCO usually does is remote broadcast the exciting events that happen at the school. Toward the end of the year, that exciting event would be graduation.

Graduation is an experience that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. All through high school, graduation is something that everyone looks forward to. College graduation, is a bit of a different story. Of course, everyone looks forward to it, but now it is more obvious that when graduation is over, it is time to enter the real world. As stated earlier, KVCO likes to broadcast events at the college, and graduation would be one of those events. However, that doesn’t seem very likely. Bothering people while they are with their families and friends sounded a bit hard to do, so Tasha Riggins came up with a great idea.

KVCO created the first Cloud County Community College audio yearbook. Students who are graduating came into the station to leave their final mark on the school. Dr. Toone, president of the college, even left a little message for the graduates. The audio yearbook is going to be played on repeat during the graduation reception from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the college. My favorite part of this was watching the students come into the station and record. The overall experience of helping create this audio yearbook is one of my favorite memories from my time at Cloud County Community College. I quite literally, could not have done it without all of the students who participated.

I may have graduated last year and had my farewells with my classmates, but this is also going to be an emotional goodbye for me. Friendships begin in the class rooms, but that is not where they end. As the graduates leave, I will be saying goodbye to all of the sophomores I have known for two years, and the freshmen I was lucky enough to meet this year. On top of that, I will be saying good bye to the amazing faculty and staff members that I first had as instructors and now have as fellow co-workers. Everyone leaves Cloud with their favorite memories and the friendships that will last a lifetime. If there is one thing I have learned here is that no matter what happens, everyone has the chance to walk away being Cloud Proud.

Cloud County Community College Audio Yearbook 2016: