Cloud Students Win Big at KAB Awards

08 April 2016
Benny Bargdill
Cloud Students Win Big at KAB Awards

Kansas Assocition of Broadcasters Student Seminar proved fruitful for T-Birds

On April, 5th members of KVCO attended the annual Kansas Association of Broadcasters conference in Emporia. The meeting kicked off with some Q&A with Ron Thomas, Denise Killian, and Roger Brokke, who are all General Managers of radio stations throughout Kansas. After the Q&A was a career fair, where the members of KVCO were able to look in to future job possibilities. Next was the Award Ceremonies, Taylor Rumsey, Bryanna Cook, Zoë Merz, And Chris Chambers all received awards. The Conference was finished up with round table discussion where the members were able to select different fields and go to speak to experts in radio, television, and social media.

The members had a very good time, and learned several new things. Bryanna Cook said she, “...really enjoyed the award ceremony, and being able to see what all the other schools did.” When asked about her favorite part she said that she, “...enjoyed stopping at Manhattan Broadcasting and getting to tour the whole station.”