Life After Cloud

04 April 2016
Taylor Rumsey

Have you thought about your post-graduation plans?

As the school year comes to an end, many sophomore students at Cloud County Community College are determining what their next step will be. For many students, getting a job in the field they studied is their next step, but for many others, continuing their education at a four-year university is their intended path.

Sophomore Zoë Merz is preparing to transfer from Cloud to Kansas State University. Since being accepted to the school, Merz has had an almost-overwhelming list of tasks that she must complete before attending the University. Filing her FAFSA, registering for orientation, searching for an apartment and looking into employment have been added to her already full workload here at Cloud. She says that the hardest part of preparing to transfer to Kansas State University is setting up everything on the other end of things.

For Sophomore Allie Hardacre, also transferring to Kansas State University, the most difficult part of preparing to transfer is staying focused on her work at Cloud. “The hardest part is getting time off from my classes. I don’t want to miss out on my education at Cloud while I’m planning my education at K-State.”

For many students who will be transferring, their four-year university will be much bigger than Cloud. For Merz, this presents one of the biggest challenges that she will face once she has transferred. “I think it will be challenging at first, because it’s a bigger campus and I won’t know as many people, but Cloud has prepared me to be able to successfully interact with people from many different cultures.”

The process of transferring to a four-year university can be complicated, however the Career & Transfer Center at Cloud County Community College offers a few resources to prepare you to move on from Cloud, including lists of transferable credits for many Universities. For more information on how to successfully transfer from Cloud to a four-year university, visit the Career & Transfer Center located within the financial aid office.