Spring Weather Alert

31 March 2016
Chris Chambers
Spring Weather Alert

Spring weather in Kansas is unpredictable - how can you be prepared?

I believe we all understand the very diverse weather that can happen in Kansas at times.  For example, over the weekend, it was seventy to eighty degrees in northeast Kansas while I-70 was being shut down near Goodland Kansas on the West side of the state due to a snowstorm. Cleary, Kansas can be one of the most diverse in terms of weather in the United States. Here are some tips to keep you in the clear as we approach the summer weather season.

Have a dedicated weather app on your phone: You should have a dedicated weather application on your phone. I do not recommend the default iOS app simply because it does not have in-house radar, or push notifications for severe weather. An awesome free application would be Weather Underground. (Android, iOS) This application is a great one that push notifies you of your marked areas as well as your current location of any warning or watches issued by the National Weather Service. You can also head over to weather.gov wich is the National Weather Service website. Twitter is also a good place to look for weather updates, however, they may not be the most accurate or up to date.. (You can follow the local NWS for updates for Concordia here.)

Have an emergency plan: You should always have some form of an emergency plan in place if you are traveling or if you are at  your dorm/house. Each dorm/campus room on campus has a designated storm shelter. (each dorm/room should have a diagram on the main door explaining where that buildings shelter is located.) If you happen to be in transit, there are several things you should think about before you head out. You may want to check the forecast to make sure you have the proper gear. (you can learn more about planning trips here). If the conditions seem unsafe, or you are uncomfortable driving, pull over. Wait out the storm until conditions seem to have subsided. If a tornado is active in the storm and is headed in your general direction, get out of your vehicle, and get in the lowest part of the ditch. Getting out of your vehicle lowers the risk of you being thrown with your vehicle.

Hopefully, this gives some tips that will help you be better prepared in the future.

Here are some additional tips from the National Weather Service.

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