Preventing Burnout

22 March 2016
Chris Chambers

8 more weeks - you can do this!

So you are back from spring break all refreshed and ready to go, right? Absolutely! If not, how do you prevent yourself from burnout? As Thomas Frank said in his video about burn out “Everything makes you tired, you don’t care about anything, and everything sucks.” But how do you prevent yourself from reaching burnout? Well here are a few tips that may be able to help you out.

Get Organized: Clean out your dorm room, throw in a nice smelling scentsy, vacuum. It will unclutter your brain, seriously. Also depending on how you mark down assignments, you may use your phone, computer, or the old fashioned planner. I use ToDoist for marking down all of my assignments and putting priorities with them. Now this is a $24.99 per year subscription however there are other programs that you can use that will do just as well. If you have Apple devices, Apple’s “Reminders” applications actually gets the job done if you are not so picky about categorizing. If you are an android or iOS user you can utilize Google Keep which you can color code to a specific class.

I know it sounds like an “adult thing” to schedule with other people, but in all reality it makes your life less hectic. I personally use Google Calendar, but iCalendar (Mac/iOS) or some other calendar variant would work just fine. I do recommend having it sync between all your devices so that you can add in events where ever you end up being. Here is an example of mine from January. 

The different colors were with different calendars. This system is also from Thomas Frank which you can learn more about here. You don’t have to be as detailed oriented as I am, however this just allows me to know how much open time I actually have as I am involved in a lot of activities.

Sleep: as much as I need to take my own advice, sleep is a must. I understand that staying up late with your friends is nice, but your body does not function when you only give it 3-5 hours of sleep. I personally sleep 6-7 hours on average, however the recommended is 8 hours.

Breaks: Takes breaks in between or during some of your homework. Do not just get on Snapchat and scroll through YikYak, actually take a relaxing break. Walk with a friend, go outside, get some fresh air. Scrolling through social media is nice, but do not just do that. Do other things that get you moving. Also make time each week for a big break of relaxing. Weather it is watching a movie with friends or going out of town you should take a few hour break each week to reset your self so that you can attack the next week just as hard as the first.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you along your journey through your second half of the semester.