DJ Profile: Max Blaske

09 March 2016
Benny Bargdill

Get to know the man behind the voice you hear on KVCO

Mr. Max Blaske

Max Blaske, Disc Jockey at KVCO, is a freshman from Blue Rapids, Kansas. He is a part of one radio show “Counterparts Catchup” on Friday’s from 1 to 3pm with fellow DJ Benny Bargdill. Max’s favorite part of radio is being able to do his radio show on Fridays, he said about his show  “I get to speak my opinion on something I love to talk about; sports” Max has also done color commentary for Cloud sporting events such as volleyball, basketball, baseball, and softball. 

Other than KVCO, Max is a participant in Theatre here at Cloud County. Max is studying at Cloud to be a Wind Technician. His favorite parts about Cloud County are the size and how he knows everyone.