Single and Looking to Date?

10 February 2016
Tasha Riggins

Cloud's Week of Love is heating up and if you still don't have a Valentine - come check out tonight's event

Tonight’s event is a Stoplight Mixer, an event where attendees wear green for single, yellow for “it’s complicated” and red for taken. The idea behind the event is that when you leave you may find a potential date (or possibly even Valentine). So if you're single, or looking to get out of bad relationship - this is the event for you! Tonight's event will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Union.

Last night's "Let's Talk about Sex" event was highly attended. This talk was an informative question and answer session hosted by the Student Activities Board. Shane Britt, coordinator of Residence Life and Student Activities, served as the moderator for the open discussion. Students wrote questions they had about sex and relationships. The questions were then anonymously read aloud and discussion of each question followed.