Mic check 1...2...

08 February 2016
Tasha Riggins
Mic check 1...2...

KVCO members preparing for major student competition

Bethany Webb and Chelsi McReynolds celebrate a 1st place win at the Kansas Association of Broadcasters Awards last Spring.

This semester KVCO students have been working hard with their shows and broadcasting games. But they have also been for preparing for KAB, the Kansas Association of Broadcasters. Every year KVCO students attend the Student Broadcasting Awards, this year it will be held in Emporia. Students can submit their work that they have done here at the station, take those to KAB, and represent Cloud County Community College. Last year, Chelsi McReynolds and Bethany Webb won 1st place in the thirty second undergraduate radio commercial. This year, KAB will be held in April. Support your school and listen to KVCO 88.3.

 - Bryanna Cook