The Thunder Behind Cloud

14 October 2015
Tasha Riggins
The Thunder Behind Cloud

As a Cloud student - sometimes you realize your career is just down the hallway

           Chelsi McReynolds sits at her desk, listening to the playlist she compiled earlier in the day and working on project to display names of DJ’s of KVCO, Cloud County Community College’s student run radio station. As the station manager, McReynolds runs the stations day-to-day operations and teaches students about radio broadcasting.

(photo credits: Marketing Department)


McReynolds started her radio career in the fall of 2013. “My freshman year, my roommate came to me and said that she was involved in radio and they really needed people to play music,” she explained. “I went to one of the meetings with the mindset that I was only going to play music, I wasn’t going to talk on air and I wasn’t going to help with anything.” Just playing music on air turned into calling the volleyball games and becoming the promotions director alongside her roommate. After graduating with an Associates of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism, she took the job of station manager. McReynolds says that radio is her happy place. “Everybody in radio is very welcoming and different in their own way. The people in radio are less judgmental. They let you do what you want to do and be who you want to be.” She says that she wants to make radio a place where everyone feels like they belong.

As this is her first year as the Station Manager, she has a lot of things that she want to change. Her main goal for this year is to get more people involved in radio, especially ones that can focus solely on radio. Many of the radio station’s members are resident’s assistants, involved in theater, sports, student activities board. She also wants to show the school and community that KVCO can do more than just broadcast sporting events. “We want to host more events, such as a talent show, events during Horror Week, and student, teacher, or team of the month.”

According to McReynolds, the best part of running a college radio station is seeing students get excited about radio. “I remember being really excited about it my freshman year, and it’s comforting to me to see others get just as excited.” Her favorite radio memory is winning an award from the Kansas Association of Broadcasting. Tasha Riggins, the faculty sponsor of KVCO, and the former station manager, Hunter Clark, kept the award a secret from her and her roommate turned co-host, Bethany Webb, until the awards ceremony. “The whole time everyone was like ‘we didn’t win anything’ but they knew that we had won, so when we got there and we were looking through the pamphlet, we saw our names and it was a totally shock. We were really surprised. It’s a memory I will definitely never forget.”

McReynolds would not change her decision to start doing radio for anything. Her one piece of advice for Cloud students is that “anyone can do radio, and it’s really simple to start here. If you don’t see yourself doing radio for the rest of your life, this is a good experience in college. You get to meet people, you can go on trips, and you get to do little fun things like that. It can open up paths for future careers.”

- Taylor Rumsey (JN101 "Interview Assignment" submission)