Dreams to Reality

14 October 2015
Tasha Riggins
Dreams to Reality

(photo credits: Marketing Department)

Aamahne Santos looks to continue pursing his life long goals as he suits up for the Cloud County Community College T-birds this upcoming basketball season.

The star athlete from Catholic Memorial High School (Boston, MA) will be making his debut on November 2nd after sitting out his high school senior season.

“ It is a bittersweet feeling to transition from junior year of high school to Junior College, especially after not being able to play for a whole year. I am excited, but also a little nervous, ” Santos said.

For many freshmen athletes the transition from high school to college can be a difficult one, but with the same hard work and determination it took to get them there, they end up doing fairly well for themselves.

For Santos, he believes it will be an interesting transition after not being on the court last season. “Long story short; my sophomore year in high school, I left Catholic Memorial to attend a prep school in New York...it didn’t turn out so well so I decided to return to Catholic Memorial. After repeating my sophomore year at prep school, I was ineligible for my senior year due to the High School Headquarters of Massachusetts. It was my fifth year of high school and you are only allowed to play for four. A little complicated, I know.”

Quite the journey for the 19-year-old basketball player. All of the chaos just to pursue his dream of becoming a college basketball player one day. Growing up in the rugged streets of Dorchester, Massachusetts, the youth uses basketball as an escape goat for a brighter future.

“ At the age of 6 my mother put a basketball in my hands and it hasn’t left me since. My dream has always been to use this ball to go to school for free and make things easier for my mom. I am just now realizing that I am doing that right now actually.”

Santos recalls times he never thought he would make it to where he is now, but preservation took him along the way.  He has the pleasure of calling himself a college athlete, but this comes with a handful. The Cloud County basketball team has already begun its pre-season workouts where the team has a set schedule for times to lift, condition and do team work on the basketball court.

Santos stated, “ It was very rigorous at first because we got right to work and I was out of shape, but day by day, I am progressing. It’s a marathon not a race I guess. I am enjoying the process.”

The team is currently working hard as they are preparing for a huge season and Santos will play a major role, as he is one of the point guards on the team. He says, “ I am a leader by default and that’s something I am use to, but being a leader on this level is an honor.” Aamahne’s long awaited dream will finally be fulfilled as he and the T-birds suit up on November 2nd for their first game of the season.