Anchoring the Midfield

14 October 2015
Tasha Riggins
Anchoring the Midfield

(photo credits: Marketing Department)

The Cloud County soccer team came into the 2015-16 season with high expectations. Bringing in around fifty recruits, some from Kansas, and many international players. With only 25 spots on the roster it was going to be a hard fought battle to earn that exclusive Cloud County Soccer jersey. Players had to hit the field to prove to the coaching staff that they deserved to play for Cloud. One player who showed off his skills and proved fit for the top 25 was freshman mid-fielder Zach Koch. I sat down with Zach to discuss his college decision, his preparation for games, and what’s on the horizon for the Thunderbirds.

Coming out of Goddard, Kansas Koch attended Goddard High School where he, and fellow Cloud teammate Jonatan Sevilla, played for the Lions soccer team. During his senior year of high school Koch led the team in scoring, which most likely brought a lot of recruitment his way.

I asked Koch out of all the school’s that recruited him why did he choose to sign with Cloud County. So he responded and said this, “Well I knew our team was going to be really talented this year, and we had a chance to go to nationals and even win it”.

This makes a lot of sense because signing with a team that has a great recruiting class and are already stacked with talent it's highly probable that they are going to have a good year. He made a good decision for his college career not signing with a team that was in a rebuilding stage.

So far this season Cloud County has gone 8-2. Koch made his first college start in that game and had a really good showing. I asked him what his preparation for the game was knowing he had to deliver. “I just had to stay focused, I know if I play my game, I can play well”, and play well he did in this game.

Fighting your way to the top of the roster is no easy task, just because you made the top 25 doesn’t mean you’re going to get to play. Unfortunately Koch had gone through this at the beginning of the season. My next question for Koch was what was your mindset trying to earn more playing time?

“I just knew I needed to work hard, I knew if I gave 100% in training and our scrimmages I would get a starting spot”. 

While talking to Koch it was clear he was really confident in what the T-birds could do this year. Watching the last couple games it seems like they have this swagger about them that they can go get every game. Before I let Koch go there was one more thing I had to ask him. What have been some of the highlights of playing for Cloud this year?

“Definitely the team bonding most of the team is really close, and we all see as one”. The next game for the Thunderbirds will be against Coffeyville Community College on Thursday, October 15 against Barton County. We will have to see how Koch and the rest of the team perform and hopefully they will add another win to the list of growing success this season. 

- Elijah Banks, II (JN101 "Interview Assignment")