Get Connected at Cloud

08 October 2015
Tasha Riggins
Get Connected at Cloud

Need a mentor who can also be a great friend? Look no further than Shane Britt.

Need a mentor who can also be a greatfriend?  Look no further than Shane Britt.  Britt is the Resident Life and Student Activities Coordinator at Cloud County Community College.  He started in 2008 and has worked here for the past seven years.  The greatest thing about Britt is his love for the students. 

Britt grew up in the small town of Mankato, KS and decided that when it was time to go to school he wanted a small town feel because he didn't want to be just a number at a big university.  When he took a campus visit at Cloud he said “it felt like home”.  When Britt first started at Cloud he majored in Agriculture Education.  As he progressed through his classes, he shifted his focus to Elementary Education.  When he went to Emporia State University, he decided that he didn’t like working with little kids so he changed his major, again, and got his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.  He chose Communications because he knew he wanted to work with people.

Britt enjoyed his experience at Cloud as a student so much that once he had his degree he knew he wanted to come back.  When the position for Resident Life and Student Activities Coordinator opened up, he jumped at the opportunity to return to his alma mater.  When asked what his favorite part of his job is, Britt said “meeting all the students as they come in and watching them grow from scared little freshmen…into adults.”   Britt feels like there is always something new to do and  is never bored here.  He also likes being able to work with all kinds of people, from the staff and mentors at Cloud to the students who eventually go on to do other things. Not surprisingly, he feels that the least favorite part of his job is the paperwork.

Britt’s office door is always open.  Students are always in his office hanging out.  He is not only a mentor, but also he is a friend.  He is a great listener, and students know that they can trust him and their privacy will be respected.  He goes out of his way to make students feel at home and safe during their experience at Cloud.  If students need a ride somewhere, he is willing to help them.  He connects with the students on a personal level.  When students build a relationship with Shane, it is a lifelong relationship.  He continues to care about them long after they have left Cloud.

Another way that he connects with
students is through his sense of humor.  He can find the humor in almost everything.  He has a way of making students change their point of view and look at a negative situation in a positive light.  

Shane is someone who loves what he does and takes his job seriously by caring for his students.  

- Hilary Garrett (JN101 Basic Media Writing Class Interview Project)